About us
These are the values that we believe in and which characterize our daily practice:
        The Law Firm Scorei & Associates provide all customers with high quality services, in agreement with their aims and activities. We are responsible, fast and pro-actives, we find new innovative sollutions that satisfy the needs and requests of our parteners and are in agreement to the law in force. We deal with every situation with responsibility and we are your best ally when it comes to solving problems and hardships you are confrunted with.

Respect of the law
        Given that the legal practice is the fundamental element of the modern culture, our lawyers know and continuously reaffirm their responsibility to obey the law. They are  true role models for the community, being aware of the fact that only by a flawless behaviour and by distancing themselves from any sort of constraint thay may contribute to the consolidation of the general respect for the law.

        This value is not a commonplace , meant to describe our activity in a flattering manner, but it is the very pillar of our  legal strategies for you. It means that we treat you correctly and we respect our promisses.

The Strategy
        Scorei&Co is not just a group of professionals in the field of law  but also a constructive force  able to provide you with complete services and solutions in the legal field starting from a general strategy and innovative approaches. Very often, a repositioning within a trial phase or a litigation provide us with resources that we are able to succesfully use in the benefit of our customers and this ability to recreate, based on a very solid knowledge of law, guarantees succes.